Monday, October 27, 2008

Watch Out! She's DRIVING!!

Okay, so it's only the yard tractor, but she's still behind the wheel! And trust me when I say that she's a crazy driver! The back yard looked like some kind of art project when she was "done"mowing. The mower isn't one of the fancy zero-turn mowers but Sarah kept wanting it to make tight circles so there would be little tufts of grass left in the middle of each circle. But, it was her first time and mostly for fun.

But in less than 3 weeks when she turns 15 she can take a written test and if successful receive her learner's permit for REAL driving. It actually will be a bit before Sarah can take the test as, of course, it's in English and she's just learning to read and write. We hope it will be good incentive for her work on English though.

It's getting cold here and the leaves are starting to fall. Romeo the cat loves it as he lays in the window and enjoys watching the leaves blow around. Hope it's nice wherever you are!

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Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Go Sarah! I always wanted one of those riding mowers. I have no fun and have to push a heavy mower around the yard. Our weeds can't make too many neat designs either. I'm jealous :)