Friday, October 3, 2008

More Photos from Nanjing

Sarah received an email today with three more photos of her younger years. The dates (in the lower corner) on the orphanage camera seem to be off so we have no way of knowing which dates are right and which are not, but we are so happy to have these photos.

The photo below is the oldest photo of Sarah (we believe). She is on the far right in the pink and white coat. I asked her what the Chinese symbol behind her head on the wall is and she looked and said, "Oh, my! It says 'Yan'" which was her Chinese name! Weird indeed.

In the next photo she is standing in front in the orange coat. She said they reciting something similar to the US "Pledge of Allegiance". The place is called "Yu Hua Tai" and is a special place in Nanjing. The story behind Yu Hau Tai is that a Buddhist monk once spoke to a crowd there and his words were so beautiful, flowers fell from heaven like raindrops (Yu Hua). You can get brightly colored stones there called Yu Hua Shi (raindrop flowers). Sarah has one of these stones and brought it with her to the US.

In this last photo she on the far left in the pink. The kids are standing out front of the orphanage gates selling newspapers. You can see the gates in the background on the right and the white building in the very far back right is the rehabilitation building in the orphanage compound. The buildings off to the left are apartments that surround the compound.


Mike and Barb said...

What precious finds!!Barb

Lesa said...

I could recognize her. So happy you have them.