Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hey, Mum!

Yesterday after school, Sarah jumped in the car and said I had to come into school. "Why?" I asked. My mind raced ... was she in trouble and a teacher wanted to talk with me? "Because I bought you and Dad something!" Whew! Then, I thought, "What could she have bought us at school? Left over lunch?!?!?"

We headed into the music room and Sarah's teacher said, "Sarah has already paid so you can pick whichever one you want!" Sarah had used her money to buy us a beautiful large mum plant that the choir is selling to raise money for a trip. She's such a sweet kid! I picked out a gorgeous yellow mum and we placed it right outside the front door.

Then after dinner it was on to our FIRST high school football game. We could tell Sarah was nervous as she wanted to take her Ipod and she had the headphones in most of the night. This is one of her comfort mechanisms as I think it kind of makes a little "world" were she can just listen to the music she loves and it gives her an "out" when it comes to talking. As we left the car she started talking but it was more of SHOUTING as she had the volume up so high! So I'm sure she turned it down because if we would talk during the game she could hear us even with the booming crowd.

Three or four different times groups of girls came up to her and gave her a big hug which made Kevin and me very happy to know she is making friends. And as any typical teen she was more interested to people watch (actually student watch!) than to watch the game! She's even entertaining the idea of going to a game with her friends one day. And, the first school dance will be here soon -- she has her money ready!


albrecht93 said...

Sarah, you are so thoughtful to do that! Your parents are so lucky! :-) You will have to tell us all about the dance! Your Dad better cover his ears though!

Lesa said...

Sarah, that was a very sweet thing for you to do.

I hope you had a wonderful time at the game.