Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anime Mug

Sarah is taking a year long graphic design class in high school. She's really excelled at it and overcome the difficulties of learning all the English terms associated with the computer design program (such as the difference between a "magnetic lasso" and a "polygonal lasso") after only 2 years of learning English before she entered the class.

The first half of the year was spent learning how the design program worked and now they have moved into the practical applications which is much more fun. They've made bumper stickers, a calendar and window clings so far.

The most recent project was to design a coffee mug. Sarah just brought her creation home and it's adorable! She LOVES anime and combined several different anime images and the lyrics from part of a Celine Dion song all woven together with a colorful background ... and she got 100/100 points. Go Sarah!