Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lost My Job as Cook!

WOW! Kevin suggested that he and Sarah each take over cooking dinner one night a week! Can you believe it?!?!? Well, Sarah was so excited she wanted to start the very next night. I asked what she'd like to learn to make. One of her favorite things is chicken wings, so she wanted those plus green bean casserole. I added three chicken breasts (as I don't like wings) and some easy Alfredo noodles.

We started by making the green bean casserole and putting it in the oven. We also prepped the noodles to cook during the last 10 minutes of chicken cooking. Then we made a simple marinade of oil, teriyaki sauce, coarse black pepper, cayenne and salt. For the chicken breasts, she didn't want just plain old chicken and instead wanted to make kabobs.

She learns so quick! I explained how to clean the chicken, cut it into even sized pieces, thread it and marinate it -- and she was off! Then it was on to learning how to clean and operate the gas grill. Then there was understanding the hot spots on the grill and that some pieces will take longer to cook than others so you have to start those first. She was a real PRO! She cooked all the chicken, including basting and turning and moving it from hot to warm sides -- I didn't touch anything! And it turned out PERFECT!

She was so excited and happy to have made a whole dinner. The look of pride on her face made my heart sing!!

At the beginning of October we started a new way of giving her allowance and money to buy her own clothes, jewelry and make-up. She was a very careful shopper, compared prices and thought about purchases before picking items up. So far she's bought a pair of flare bottom corduroys, new lip gloss, new sparkly mascara and a beautiful black velour hoodie with faux fur trim. Here's a picture of her in her new hoodie -- she was so happy to have been able to select her own items and pay with her own money -- and she only spent about half of the money she was given so she can save the rest.

And, lastly, here's a scary picture of Sarah and me wearing our mom-and-daughter matching rhinestone studded cowboy hats. Kevin actually took the photo as she and I were in her room dancing to songs on her Ipod. She has purple maracas we brought back from Mexico a few years ago and I have a musical rainforest stick that we bought probably 15 years ago. But, what do they say? Everything that is old will once again be new!? Hopefully that will work for this old lady who now has a 14 year old daughter who loves to dance, laugh and sing!


Sherry said...

Dinner sounded great to me. I love chicken wings. Sarah can come cook for me anytime.

Sherry said...

Oh, and I love the hoodie.

Lesa said...

Love this post! I bet she will be happy to cook Thanksgiving Dinner with you!! Green Bean Cassarole is a must!!