Thursday, October 2, 2008

New OLD photos!

UPDATE: Sorry! Sarah is in the back row, second from left. If you click on the photo it will make it bigger.

Today on the Internet I came across two more photos of Sarah that were taken in China. The photos are stamped 2-11-2002 so they are the oldest we have of her so far. Yes, I've been spending lots of my time searching the 'net for photos, but I have found some so my searches are not completely fruitless!

These photos were taken by an US adoption agency that helped to sponsor the Nanjing SWI older children in a yearly event where the kids were given money and allowed to go shopping for a new winter coat. For many of these kids, this was the first time they were ever allowed to select something for themselves. The older kids shopped for the younger kids and Sarah said that since she was younger she did not get to go shopping, but she selected this coat from the ones brought back by the aiys (aunties) and older kids.

Sarah loves being able to have some older photos of herself. She will never have baby photos or photos of her first several years. Most likely these are the oldest we will ever find. For that I am very sad. I can't imagine not knowing what you looked like when you were a baby, or four, or six or eight. But we love finding the ones we can and treasure each one.

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Joanne said...

Wow, I'm so glad you found these! Is she the one in the orange-ish jacket in the front? Does she miss her friends from China and does she stay in touch ?

Sherry said...

That's great that you found these pictures. Don't give up hope that someday you might find others.

Mike and Barb said...

I guess I never thought of her not having any pictures of when she was younger. I'm so glad you found these!
We have a few of Nina when she was quite young, and 2 little ones as a baby (plus her finding ad), and they are so precious to me! So I understand how happy these pictures make you AND Sarah!

Lesa said...

That is just wonderful that you are finding bits of a puzzle. How wonderful she is able to remember them as well.

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Good job locating the photos. These will be priceless for Sara.