Saturday, June 6, 2009

Patent Leather & Butter Bread

We've had a busy few weeks. Sarah's last day of school was a week ago Friday so we celebrated the end of 8th grade and beginning of high school. Then on Saturday our neighbor's daughter was married so we attended the wedding and reception. Sarah had picked out a new dress months ago and she got her first high heels -- a white patent leather kitten heel slingback. She adores getting dressed up!

Sarah had four days off and then summer school started this past Wednesday. She's taking Driver's Ed and Computer Applications. For Driver's Ed she'll have 10 days of classroom instruction and then be in a car with two other girls for 18 hours (split over 6 sessions). Each girl will drive for 6 hours total and then ride along to observes the other 12 hours. She starts the actual driving Monday night. Should be fun!

Also, Sarah's kitty Romeo had his first birthday. To say he's spoiled would be an understatement. She made him bread and butter cut into the shape of a heart. No, he didn't get to eat it all! Plus, she picked out 5 or 6 toys as gifts. And to top it all off he spent an hour out on the deck enjoying the sunshine which is one of his new favorite things to do. He even has his own chair.

While I was searching for photos for this entry I came across the photo below which was in a recent folder on the computer. I asked Sarah about it and she said she took awhile ago from our yard -- the kid just amazes me.