Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clothes have arrived at Nanjing Orphanage!

We just received an email from the Nanjing SWI orphanage that the box of clothes Sarah sent has arrived! And not only has it arrived, but the kiddos are already wearing the clothes! They were kind to send us two photos of the kiddos in their new clothes. They've indicated that there are several boys at the orphanage and that they need boys clothing (you'll actually see that the boys are wearing girls clothes in the photo), so our next box will include clothes for the boys.

If you are adopting from the Nanjing SWI and see your waiting child in the photo below, we'd love to know about it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Donation Heading to China!

Sarah is making her first donation to the children of China! She used proceeds from "Sarah Loves Ladybugs" and selected some clothes and accessories to send to her orphanage in Nanjing. She has 20 clothing items and 10 accessory items to send.

In China, clothing with English writing and bling is very "cool" so she's picked out some things that she's sure the kiddos will LOVE! And this time she's sending things for the older kiddos as many times donation of clothing are given for infants/toddlers.

She's already contacted the orphanage and they know the box is being sent. They'll be taking some photos of the kiddos getting the new items and will email them to Sarah .... she'll share the photos once they arrive.

THANKS so much to everyone for your support of "Sarah Loves Ladybugs"!! Sarah can't wait to save up for her next donation and looking into options for places to donate, so if you have a suggestion please let us know (any country, any orphanage suggestion appreciated).

Monday, July 19, 2010

Biggest Weekend Yet at Sarah Loves Ladybugs!

(Zip top bags in large and medium, fully lined with stand-up bottoms)

We had our biggest weekend of orders yet! THANKS so much everyone! Thought we'd share a few photos with you of the handmade items we worked on this weekend that are ready to ship their new homes.

The zip top bags are going to three different homes. Fabrics selected were: Little Cow Girls, Black & White Toile and China Girls. And three three flannel pillow cases will be shipping out to different homes as well. Pillow case colors selected this weekend were: Pink Cupcakes, Green Monkeys and Chocolate Cupcakes. Plus we'll be packaging up some pearl and Chinese jewelry, a checkbook cover and hair bows and getting them sent off.

THANKS everyone! As always, custom orders welcome!

(Flannel pillow cases fit regular sized bed pillows, singles or sets)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christmas in July SALE!! Up to 50% OFF!!

Up to 50% OFF!!!

Now through July 24th we're having a "Christmas in July" sale at Sarah Loves Ladybugs .com!! Items are up to 50% off! Great time to pick up some goodies to stash away for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and more! As always, each item purchased comes with a card stating that 20% of profits are donated to worldwide orphan care. And we offer flat rate shipping for just $4.95 no matter how much you order. Special orders welcome as well for any of our handmade items.

Also, NEW HANDMADE ITEMS!! Sarah and Debbi have been working on zip top bags, pillow cases, checkbook covers, luggage tags, wrist key fobs and tissue covers .... each handmade by Sarah and Debbi in wonderful prints and colors. We have Chinese girls print in zip top bags, checkbook covers and luggage tags. We have Chinese character print in flannel pillow cases. Also, Autism Awareness print in our wrist key fob with optional coin purse. Plus, many more prints.

Until July 31 we're still taking entries into our "Help Spread the Word about Sarah's Store" drawing where you can win gift certificates to the store! We REALLY could use your help in spreading the word. If you'd like information on how to help and get entries, just drop us a note at sarahlovesladybugs@gmail.com . THANKS!

We hope you'll stop by the store at http://www.SarahLovesLadybugs.com !

Monday, July 5, 2010

Room Service, Anyone?!?!?

On Sunday morning, the 4th of July, Kevin and I were being lazy (as normal) when the home phone rang. We did what we normally do when the phone rings, we ignored it and let it go to the answering machine. But this was a special call .... a call made by Sarah who was still in bed, using her cell phone and calling upstairs (ie, the living room and kitchen) to request .... what for it ..... ROOM SERVICE! Her message, "I'd like room service please!"

Little did I know that she also had left two text messages on my cell phone (which was in my purse so I didn't hear the messages come in). The first message reads "Can u make me waffles? Dad too please." The second message was sent about 20 minutes later and reads "Can u make waffles?" Guess the kid REALLY wanted waffles!! And she's a goofball!

No, she didn't get breakfast in bed. She did get waffles though ... I just roll that way!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sarah's Store is OPEN!!

Sarah's project is an online store called "Sarah Loves Ladybugs"! She has all kinds of wonderful goodies from handmade hair bows (panda bears, ladybugs & more), Chinese freshwater pearls, Chinese jade, sterling silver and lots of necklaces with BLING!

Best of all, she's giving 20% of the profits to charities that benefit orphans. The remaining profit will be set aside in a college fund for Sarah. The first charity she'd like to donate to is Half the Sky which works in her orphanage in Nanjing.

So, please stop by, tell your friends and family and best of all ... have fun!

Also, she has a new blog just for her store and a Facebook page .... PLUS she's having a drawing for great prizes!!! Here is the info on the prize drawing

Help us spread the word about "Sarah Loves Ladybugs" and you could win free goodies!!! Now through July 31 you can get entries into our free giveaway (no purchase required).

On August 1st we'll draw names for prizes. Prizes are limited to one prize per person and are as follows:
1 - $50 store credit to SarahLovesLadybugs.com
2 - $25 store credit to SarahLovesLadybugs.com
5 - $10 store credit to SarahLovesLadybugs.com

To receive entries:

Receive 5 Entries:
**Become an official follower of our blog!http://sarahlovesladybugs.blogspot.com

Receive 3 Entries:
**Blog about us! You'll get 3 entries every time you blog about us and include a link to our store in your blog post! Just post a comment on this blog with a link to your blog post or email us the link.
**Post about us on your Facebook page! Just let us know. You'll get 3 entries for each time you post about us and include a link to our store www.SarahLovesLadybugs.com .

Receive 1 Entry:
**For each of your friends who become a follower of our blog (Just drop us an email and let us know which friends you referred -- it's that easy!)
**For each of your friends who becomes a fan of our Facebook page (Just drop us an email and let us know which friends you referred -- it's that easy!)

You can find our email address on the main blog page. Feel free to contact us and THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sarah's Project -- Clue/Teaser #6

We're in Disney for our summer vacation so sorry I haven't posted as much. We drove down to Florida so had two full days in the van and we're starting our third day at the parks. Pin trading is super fun and we also enjoying the calmer rides (Sarah doesn't really like roller coasters or scary rides) and lots of great sites and food. We've been busy hanging with Mickey and the Gang!

Here is clue #6 for Sarah's Project. Kevin tells me I should call these "teasers" instead of "clues". By whatever name, here it is ....
Clue/Teaser #6 -- This cute little Chinese panda is saying "Ni Hao" in Chinese which means "Hello" or "How are you?" So, how are you?