Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rhinestone Cowgirls

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Kevin has been busy at school, I've been trying to get the shopping done for Sarah's birthday and Sarah has been busy with school and TEXT messaging! So, if any of you are in need of a text message, just let Sarah know! She would be happy to sit all night long and text message!!

I can't believe how wonderful the addition of text messaging to Sarah's cell phone has been for her in learning English. We have her type words out completely instead of using the text abbreviations such as "u" for the word "you", etc. This way, she's learning English the fun way and it really is pretty amazing how many words she's picked up just in the past few days.

Sarah was home sick Tuesday (with a bad cold) so she and I spent the day having a 'chick flick' marathon. We watched four DVDS -- "Mean Girls", "The Nanny Diaries", "Notting Hill", and "Never Been Kissed". When we went out in the morning to pick up the DVDs she wanted to stop by Starbucks and try a hot chocolate she saw on tv. I have to say I thought to myself "hot chocolate, big deal" but this hot chocolate was pretty amazing. I just love when I'm shocked in a good way by things like this!

Last Saturday there was no dance class so Sarah and Kevin decided to take one last Fall fishing trip. It was a GORGEOUS day and they had a good time even though Sarah only caught one small fish and Kevin didn't catch any. But as usual we stopped afterwards for pizza and it was a really fun day out. For me, the best part is the drive down and the drive back as we just sit and talk -- about anything and everything. Some of our best conversations come when we are in the car traveling.

Kevin says that only Sarah and I could go to a state park to go trout fishing and come home with rhinestone cowboy hats! The park store is getting ready to close for the season so all the clothing was buy one get one free, so we did! Sarah's is PINK (yep!) and mine is black. She doesn't want her picture taken right now so I can't post one of us, but will try to get one later. Although I'm not really sure what I have in my closet to wear with my rhinestone cowboy hat. But my daughter wanted "mom and daughter" hats and I would never say "no" to that!


Lesa said...

How fun! Love the idea of fishing, and yes some of the best conversations are said in the car.
Can't wait to see the hats.

I've just noticed that Google is having a new way of posting a comment. Hum, not sure I like it....

Mike and Barb said...

DYING to see the cowgirl hats!!!
What a fun end to summer!