Friday, May 28, 2010

Clue #5 -- Sarah's "Project"

Clue #5:
In 2006 “Half the Sky” ( started projects in Sarah’s orphanage. This photo was taken approximately 12 hours after we met Sarah for the first time and about 2 hours after our adoption became formalized. We went to the orphanage to visit and for Sarah to say her good-byes. Here she in one of the younger children’s room. In the back left of this photo you’ll see a woman in a white shirt. On the front of her shirt is the “Half the Sky” logo indicating she is a “Half the Sky” employee.

“Half the Sky” is working in many of China’s orphanages. Thousands of children are now enrolled in “Half the Sky” programs to provide love and hope for orphaned children. Since “Half the Sky” began its work in China in 2000, more than fifteen thousand children have benefited from one or more of these five innovative programs: The Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Program, The Little Sisters Preschool Program, The Big Sisters Program, The Family Village Program and The China Care Program.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah's Project -- Such a Mystery!!

Oh my goodness! We've received emails, phone calls and texts asking ...."What is Sarah's project?" Well, it's still a secret until we get a little further along .... hopefully mid-June!! But, we really appreciate all the interest and thought we'd have a little fun while we wait for the big unveiling. So, we'll be giving clues and hope you'll pop back in from time to time. Feel free to post your guesses in the comments section!!

Here are clues #1 through #4 .....

1. No, the secret is NOT that we are adopting again (our family is complete at 3 plus one fuzzy cat!).
2. Once unveiled, we would LOVE everyone's help and support to make it work. For those who help, we'll be having a drawing with prizes .... really cool prizes! Our legal teams advises we state "No purchase necessary to win!" LOL! (Well, they didn't say the "LOL" part!)
3. Why is it taking so long? Because it's a big project with many parts and we want to wait until all the parts are ready.
4. See photo at top! Oh, a fortune cookie!!

Thanks everyone!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yes, We are ALIVE!!!

So many of you have written to ask if we're ok ... YES, we are! Seems time has slipped away from me again and I've neglected the blog. SORRY!!!

The month or so before the beginning of April I spent getting ready to attend the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in Orlando. As I'm not writing this blog entry from some beach on an island somewhere, you know I didn't win the million dollars! But, I had a wonderful time none-the-less. And, yes, some of you did see me on Food TV in an ad for the Bake-Off. The ad ran for about 6 weeks and was such a fun experience for me. Hopefully I didn't let my "inner diva" out too much after seeing myself on tv! (And if I did, please don't tell me!)

After I arrived back home we left for a 5 day trip to Chicago as part of a field trip Kevin takes his students on. While they were off at exciting (yes, I wrote that with a straight face ... right!) places involving finance and banking, Sarah and I spent time in Chinatown. At first she was hesitate to take much of it in, but after hitting a few stores we came upon a wonderful restaurant that she enjoyed so much. She liked it so much we went back the next day. We didn't know until we arrived that in the Chicago Chinatown the predominant language is Cantonese. Unfortunately Sarah can't understand Cantonese.

Now we are back home and winding up the school years. Kevin gives his last final today and Sarah will be done on the 25th. I think they both are ready for a break!

We do have some exciting news. In mid-June Sarah will be unveiling a project she's working on that will help others and help herself, be fun and be work, teach her things and hopefully help her teach others things .... the list goes on. We hope you'll stop back and check in then!

I'll leave you with a few photos from our trip to the Field Museum .... apparently we are silly most of the time!