Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes! We have Crabs!! And Birthday Cake!!!

So it's been 2-1/2 months since he came home to live with us and Romeo the cat has finally figured out that we have a tank with hermit crabs inside! He's been so fascinated with our hamster that he didn't look over his shoulder to the table right along side the hamster to see the aqauarium. But, now he's found it and has a new favorite place to lay -- right on top the screen covering the tank! We are hoping the screen holds!

This morning he has been helping me wrap Sarah's birthday presents and he's helped me decide how to decorate the house and a few special little things to make her birthday special. Her birthday is on Wednesday, so just two more days! She's so excited and can't wait!!!

When Sarah is at school on Wednesday I'll post updated pictures of us getting ready for her birthday dinner. Can't believe our girl will be 15!!!!


Lesa said...

Gee, time has flown!! I can't believe she is turning 15 soon!!

amy said...

oh my gosh these are great pic.hope she has a great birthday

Kelly said...

Sending birthday wishes her way from the great northwest! :)

Kelly O'Rourke

Mike and Barb said...

I'm sure you will make her birthday extra special!! Can't wait for the updates!!

Joanne said...

Such a cute kitty!! Wow, 15 years old ~ she is such a wonderful young lady :) Have fun celebrating and i can't wait to see pic's!

kitasangel said...

Looks like Romeo is going to be eating the crabs for dinner soon.