Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Stuffed!

Here are the cousins with their festive holiday head bands! Hard to see, but Katherine has Santas, Samantha has snowmen and Sarah has reindeer.

I've been making Thanksgiving dinner for about 12 years now and this is the first time I actually undercooked the turkey! Kevin will tell you I tend to cook the devil out of most meat so this was something new -- and by new I don't mean "good"! And I tried to make it easier on myself by cutting a few corners which was not a good thing to do. I think someone will be showing up at the front door on Monday demanding I return my spatulas! But Kevin's family was very nice about it!

Guess there's always next year and at least we didn't wind up in the ER.

For the first time we made a fire pit in the backyard (actually Kev dug the fire pit, Rick collected the firewood and Sarah arranged the fire wood -- I did NOTHING but enjoy the marshmallows!) and we enjoyed it on two different nights.
Here is Miss Sarah sitting in the laundry basket after helping get the house ready for Thanksgiving. And then she covered up with her tv watching blanket and "snorted" which drives Romeo crazy and he pounces.

Now we start decorating for Christmas. Sarah is really excited about Christmas this year although we are hoping Romeo lets us keep the tree up!

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