Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun Family Weekend

We've had a GREAT weekend so far! On Friday night we had our favorite pizza and then went "window shopping" so Sarah could show us some items she wanted for Christmas. We stopped at Best Buy, Target and the mall and she found several items she just loved!

Today we went to see the movie "Bolt" which was really fun (including the bucket of popcorn) and then did a little more window shopping. We picked up a triple layer chocolate cheesecake too! After we came home, we broke out a PINK Monopoly game that Sarah had received as a gift last Christmas. At that time, she didn't have enough English to play the game and it's been stored away. While we were out looking in stores today she saw a similar game and asked if we could play her game when we got back home. And we did. It was really fun although Miss Sarah kicked both of our butts!

Right now she is watching one of her favorite tv shows which is "Man vs Wild". I have NO IDEA why she likes this show, but it's one Kevin had watched before we went to China and he must have Tivod it because one day he was watching an episode and she sat down and just was enthralled with it. At that time she didn't know much English at all but she watched intently and has been hooked ever since. When I say I don't know why she likes it, here's an example of why I think that -- she just asked me to come upstairs to see a "neat" part of the show and it was the guy who stars in the show eating an ox's eye ball -- yes, a real eye ball from a real dead ox. "Neat?" I don't think so!

Tomorrow it's football day for Kevin and "girl shopping" for Sarah and me. We started going shopping when football season started and now it's a "tradition" that Sarah loves. We hit the mall and usually Kohl's before heading to lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant. Sometimes she pushes my buttons enough to get a Starbucks for the ride home. Then we head downstairs to watch a "girl movie". We snuggle up with the cat and watch some movie that would curl Kevin's man toes -- like "Notting Hill" or "While You Were Sleeping." Last Sunday I made her watch one of my favorite "old" movies -- "Sixteen Candles" and she really liked it.

I LOVE weekends!


sherrie said...

It sounds like a great weekend -- except for the football (sorry Kev)! Wish I were there for the movie --gotta love "While You Were Sleeping"! You need to get "Pretty Woman", always a favorite. I'll think of you enjoying shopping and lunch while I am busy cleaning -- some people have all the luck.

Lesa said...

I just love this post! It sounds like my kind of weekend. My daughter, Holly who is 21, loves the same show, and I'm the one that is just like you. Can you say GROSS? Not sure why these girls love this show. Luckily Wendy who is 5 is on my side. ha

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Love the idea of curling up to watch a good chick flick. We went to see Madagascar 2 this weekend. It was cute but While you were sleeping was definitely better :)