Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Planet Galacky!

For quite some time, Sarah has been a little distressed by the people who stop us in stores and say to her "where are you from?" or who will turn to me (while Sarah and I are together) and say "Is she a foreign exchange student?" Every time I put my arm around her and say, "No, she's my daughter!" Then there's a few seconds where the person looks at her, looks back at me and then looks at Sarah again. Usually, the conversation ends with the person saying, "Oh!"

For some reason, I don't believe there's ever been a time when anyone has stopped us when it's Kevin, me and Sarah. Maybe Kevin is scarier looking than I think!?!?!??! I mean, he is 6'4" so maybe that keeps people from asking.

Anyway, being the totally funny kid she is, Sarah has decided that she's from the planet Galacky! And she told someone at Walmart that! So while we first met in China, apparently her home planet is someone up in the sky.

Being that she is from another planet, Sarah has a great interest in the stars. She's been saving her money to buy herself a telescope. We had quickly glanced at one last week and last night after her homework was done she asked if she could go buy the telescope. Here she is unpacking it. It still needs some fine tuning, but that will be for tonight.


Global Girl said...

I remember when you travelled, but I'd since lost your blog address. I was thrilled to find your link on RQ. Your daughter is absolutely stunning! I'd love to adopt an older child.


Lesa said...

We get it all the time and Wendy is now 5 as of yesterday. I guess that is something we will always will get, but it doesn't bother us because maybe some one who asks really wants to do just as we did... But, those that give a "Oh" response need to take a manners course! We just tell Wendy that they have no clue....

Mike use to have a huge telescope and took some really awesome photos with it. I hope you guys don't have too much lighting around you; it can be hard to see the stars if you do. This will be a great hobby for Sarah!! Really for all of you.

Kelly said...

I wanted to thank you again for responding to me. I did reply and since I haven't heard back thus I am assuming I have insulted you. I am sorry.

I was just trying to get a better understanding from someone who's been there done that on what it is like to adopt an older child. Part of my hart REALLY longs to adopt an older child. My other part is scared to death. HOwever, I am very sorry if I insulted you with my questions. Please forgive me.

Kelly O'Rourke

~~~~ Winding Vines ~~~~ said...


I don't think anything was taken as an insult...instead it was just a case of email "slippage". The email came on a busy day, drifted down the inbox and slipped our mind. I'm sure Deb will get back with you shortly.


Kelly said...


I am glad to hear nothing was taken as an insult. I was feeling pretty bad. Thanks for responding and I look forward to hearing from Deb.


Joanne said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm from that same planet!! She is such a great kid - love her sense of humor!!

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, she'll have so much fun with her telescope. It always seems that she approaches life as a huge adventure, and that is so refreshing to see!
And yes, I'm sure people will always say awkward things to our kids....

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Sarah, You ROCK! Always keep people guessing.
Keep that attitute and you'll go far.

N2RKIDZ said...

Hey guys! Love how the blog is coming along! It is fun to check it every so often to keep up with your busy lives now! :-) Sarah, I love where you are from! :-) Very creative, and I bet you will get some pretty funny looks from people when you tell them you are from Planet Galacky! Love it! We are looking forward to your b-day Wednesday and will bring your gift over okay?! Miss all of you and hope to meet for lunch soon!!!!

Love ya!