Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ice Cream Warrior Princess!

Okay. What do you get when you combine banana splits and yoga? Well, that's just a normal day at our house!!! Sarah made her first ever banana splits today with cookie dough, vanilla and brownie chip mint ice cream flavors topped with hard shell, whipped cream, pecans and heart sprinkles. She actually can't eat ice cream but has wanted to make them after seeing them in a movie so Grandma and I both enjoyed her creations.

Grandma and Grandpa brought their Wii Fit with them and tonight she fired it up and really seemed to enjoy it. Well, at first it took her through some beginner tests and the machine told her that her "body age" was 35!!! She was MAD! Then, she did some of the yoga tests and totally kicked butt so it told her she was a "body builder!" Here she's doing the "warrior" yoga pose. Guess being a Warrior Princess is what you get when you do yoga and avoid the ice cream!


Lesa said...

Is it really as fun as it looks? I've been contemplating on getting one for our family. I do wish they would go down in price some though. ha

sherrie said...

I'll still take the ice cream! I need the fat for the long COLD winter!