Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Romeo Doesn't Need SANTA!!

Romeo probably doesn't need Santa to leave him any presents! Sarah keeps buying him these really cool 'cat' toys -- and he does love them and plays with them all the time. BUT, he's pretty much happy with anything!

For example, how about a pink Monopoly box?

Or a bathroom sink and a hair pick?

Or a dry jacuzzi? (Where sometimes he takes his toys in with him and I might be downstairs and I'll hear him knocking his bell ball around inside the tub!)

And EVERY DAY -- and I mean EVERY DAY -- he takes all three of our bathroom cups, knocks them off the counter and onto the floor and chews the living daylights out of them! Yes, we've thought about putting them under the counter or out of his reach, but he's so darn cute and has so much fun!!! This is what they look like by the time I find them. Can you say "spoiled"!!?!??!


sherrie said...

Just like a child -- the present is OK but the box is "great". Take it from a multiple cat owner -- if they can pick it up, crawl inside it or dig under it, IT BELONGS TO THEM. As the saying goes -- This house is maintained solely for the comfort of the cats and they LET me live here. Romeo is a real doll, but the ride has just begun. Can't wait to see what he does with the Christmas tree!

sherrie said...

OK, it's time for someone named "Grampie" to step in.
I was in DC right after Deb's Mom and I got married and got a call that Deb had to change schools and a kitty would "really help" the transition. No surprise, the two girls had already found the perfect kitty.

His name was Guilligan--named after one of Deb's favorite shows, "Gilligan's Island". Mom modified the spelling to make it classier. Books could be written about Guilligan.

I think Romeo is the Bracker's Guilligan. If I am right, Sarah, Kevin and Deb will have nothing but loving memories, laughter forever and tears when he is gone.