Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

Yeah!!!! It's Nov. 12th and our Baby Girl's 15th Birthday!!!

Last night Sarah was already excited and asked if she could "just open one or two presents!?!?!?" So she opened just a few -- one from Mimi and Papa, one from Grammie and Grampie and one from Mom and Dad. She had lots of fun playing with the toy Mimi and Papa sent and the pink and white bath wrap from Grammie and Grampie was enjoyed right out of the box (no bath required!)!

After she went to bed, we decorated both sides of the van with window paint. Sarah was quite surprised when we left to go to school today!

After I dropped her off, Kevin and I decorated the dining room in a beach theme. We didn't know until after we had taken our trip to Disney last year that Sarah has never been to a beach. She REALLY wants to walk in the sand and see the ocean, so we decided to do a beach party for her birthday and hopefully soon we'll get to a real beach.

And as I'm sure you can see by the number of PINK boxes, one of her favorite stores is the Victoria's Secret PINK store which is geared toward casual, fun clothes. (She isn't allowed to shop on the actual Victoria's Secret side of the store -- just the younger PINK store side!).

She's asked for Domino's pizza and chicken wings for her dinner. She doesn't really care for cake at all but I'm making a lemon-strawberry cake with less sugar in hopes that she'll like it.
I'm off to pick up the balloons and a few more supplies. Can't wait for tonight!!! Will post more photos later -- and THANKS to everyone for helping to make her 15th birthday special!


sherrie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll bet there was very little sleeping last night and the hours at school today will really drag on. It looks like there are a lot of great play toys for Romeo on the table. We can't wait to see more photos of the party tonight. We love you, a BIG hug from Grammie and Grampie.

amy said...

happy bday..what wonderful memories are being made

Joanne said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Love the pic's - love that you painted the car too - you guys are great parents!!!
The decorations looks great - hope you all have a fun and special night!!

Mike and Barb said...

Now if THAT is not the best birthday party in town!!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Sarah!!
Have a lot of fun with family and friends, and it looks like the "pink aspect" is covered :-)))
All the best Birthday wishes to you and your family!

Happy at Home said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! You are a wonderful young lady, and an excellent role-model for many. Thank you for sharing "yourself" with us... your fellow East/West families.

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

How much fun! The decorations look great. Happy 15th Birthday Sarah!! Hope you make it to the beach soon. My favorite place in the world. Tell Mom and Dad that Hawaii is the best place to see the beach for the first time ;)