Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wintery Iowa Christmas

We're home from our Christmas travels. We had a GREAT time visiting with everyone but have to say that you can keep your Iowa winter in Iowa -- we like our much warmer Missouri weather! Our van was like, "what's this white stuff!? Why am I cold?!?"

A few photos, but Blogger is SO SLOW right now it's taking forever to get photos loaded, so hopefully I can get more up later!

Here is Sarah with her cousins Katherine, Samantha, Ai and Little Ty.
And with a few of her fun gifts ....

And making the traditional Jesus Cake with Ai, Little Ty and Mimi.

A cute photo with Dad in reindeer ears ... what this guy won't do to make his daughter happy!

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amy said...

even more beautiful pics, thanks so much for sharing