Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Survey -- Part 1

I've had the BEST time reading everyone's answers to the Christmas survey! THANKS everyone!! But, there's still time so if you haven't emailed yours in yet, please do so!

I think I'll put some of the survey results into a few different blog posts over the next few days because there's just too much Christmas goodness to condense it down into just one post!

Okay, a lot of you are shopping and wrapping right now. Maybe we could all use a few tips from the survey results of "favorite gift received as a child" and "worst gift ever received."

While the question has to do with favorite gift received AS A CHILD, should we take these items as a "sign of things to come as a adult?" I mean, do you think the person who responded "big wheel" is a FAST driver now?!? Does the little kid who loved getting a puppy have a houseful of animals? Is the person who said "Easy Bake Oven" someone who loves cooking now? Is the person who received the same favorite gift "every year" someone who loves tradition? How about the Pony Plates -- does this person still like art? And the Schwin bike -- does this person still like exercise and fitness? I honestly don't know the answer to these, but it would be so cool to find out! So, think about yourselves and how you answered the question -- is that little kid still inside you?!?!?

Here are a few of the responses for "favorite gift received as a child" --

Ice skates (every year)
Barbie Dream House
Barbie Dream House (yep, favorite of 2 people!)
Tippy the Stuffed Dog
Shaun Cassidy Silk Jacket
Big Wheel
Green & Cream Schwin Bike
Easy Bake Oven
Cabbage Patch Kid
Pony Plates (plates you put together and rub paper over to make diff. pictures)
Puppy Dog
Little Ricky Doll (from I Love Lucy)

Now, on to "worst gift received" and please note many people refused to answer this one on the grounds that someone might beat them about the neck and shoulders! Also, a few answered but asked that I not post their responses. Basically, what I think it comes down to is:

Men -- Unless it's something you can buy at Best Buy (IPod, computer, etc) don't buy women anything that needs plugged in. If it has a cord and requires electricity, just put it back on the shelf and walk away. Seriously, just walk away. And don't walk over to the clothing department. Keep on going until you get to the shiny, glass covered area with the jewelry. If she can wear it on her ears, her neck or her wrist you'll have a winner! (NOTE: only three body locations were listed! You are not to buy for ankle, nose, belly button or other areas that shall remain nameless!)

Women -- Don't buy men anything expensive and expect them to know it's expensive and be appreciative of the cost! It will only really make you mad when they think it came from any one of the stores that ends in "mart". "Coach" or "Ugg" or "Michael Kors" or "Ralph Lauren" pretty much translates to "blah, blah, blah" to men -- it's like another language they don't speak. If you want a luxury brand but think you really shouldn't spend the money on yourself but it's okay to spend it on him, just give it back to the clerk and walk away. Seriously, just walk away (and come back later to pick up something for yourself).

"Worst Gift Ever Received" (sorry but the best ones I can't post due to fear of being beaten but here are some others):

Wet Vac
Vacuum cleaner
Ugly sweater
Christmas napkins
Christmas sweater
Pink fuzzy slippers
Nail clippers
Hope you've enjoyed today's results! Tune in tomorrow for more!


sherrie said...

What a fun post. I can't wait for the next edition. With the season being so hectic, it is great to have something to giggle about!

Joanne said...

Yes, this is a fun post :) I was the big wheel recipient and NO I"m not a fast driver :) I now drive a red minivan - enough said!