Friday, December 12, 2008

Bigger Than a Bread Box?!?! Or is it a bread box?

Three days ago I started wrapping gifts. I wrap a few gifts a day and stick them under the tree. Some will travel with us to Iowa for family and friends and some are for staying at home. Since then, Miss Sarah has been shaking and poking and trying to peek -- and not only "her" gifts but any gifts that are under the tree!

For normal "kid" reasons, she's become FIXATED (and I mean, FIXATED) on the largest box that is for her. In the photo, it's the big blue box nearest the tree.

I told her that I had "disguised" some of her gifts. Last year she didn't know what to make of a gift she opened that was small but packed inside a larger box with bath towels wrapped around it. Now that she knows I do such things, she's spending a large amount of time trying to figure out what's inside the box! She tips it to a 90 degree angel and listens. She straightens it back up and tips it the other way to a 40 degree angel and listens. She stares at it. She talks to it. Even Romeo tilts his head to the side in amazement!

The two things she's come up with are things she asked for but aren't things we bought. The first thing she wanted is a panda bear stuffed animal foot stool that she always looks at at Sam's Club. It's actually about the right size and weight that it could be confused by the wrapped box. The other thing she thinks it might be is a cotton candy machine which is smaller than the box but she's decided that it must be inside with "disguised" things. She's most convinced it's the cotton candy machine because she wanted it last year (we didn't buy it) and she's asked for it again this year (we didn't buy it).

So when she started being so interested in this box and trying to figure out what was inside, I didn't want her to be heart broken when she opened it and it wasn't those things she had asked for. I point blank told her that those two items were NOT inside the box. Funny, but she doesn't believe me! "Yeah, right Mama!"

Then I went into how the biggest box doesn't mean it's the BEST present. "Yeah, right Mama!" She is actually totally overlooking the smaller gifts under the tree which will turn out to be the ones I think she'll like the best!

Right now, I love watching her come home from school, drop her school things and bolt up the stairs to not only shake "the big box" but to see if anything has been added under the tree!


sherrie said...

Typical kid! Remember: "It is good to want things!"

Lesa said...

I LOVE IT!! I remember the days of shaking boxes. ha Our Wendy has a large box as well and she thinks it is a BIG Barbie. She is so smart!! I did get her a "My Size Barbie", but I told her I just can't imagine what is in that box.... It could be a vacuum cleaner that I need really bad. Now she is confused for the moment.