Saturday, December 13, 2008

All I want for Christmas is .......

THANKS again everyone for sending in your holiday surveys! I print them out as they come in but unfortunately our cat decided to help me "re-arrange" them all over the basement so if you don't see your answers below just drop me a note and I'll reprint off your survey and add it!

First, one of the questions was whether you have ever recycled a gift. In other words, have you ever received a gift and then given that exact same gift to another person?

44% said Yes
56% said No

Oh, now aren't you thinking "Have I ever gotten a recycled gift??!??" And one person who said "no" also said -- "I want to, but can't seem to get myself to do it!"

On to things people want to whisper in Santa's ear. "Oh, I've been really good this year Santa!" Please bring me:

Nothing as I have everything (4 responses)
LOA (Letter of Acceptance for Adoption from China)(2 responses)
Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker
New haircut, new shoes and date night at movies with husband
Edward Cullen
Items for trip to Europe that family will be taking soon
To be a mom
Laptop computer
Stereo that mounts under the cabinet in the kitchen
Pink pony sheets
Cleaning service for our house
Healthy, happiness and safe travel for friends and family (2 responses)
Ipod Touch Screen
Ghost Hunters DVDs
Spend time with kids and granddaughter
Wish for friend's husband and sister who are battling cancer
Wii Fit
Touch Screen camera
Sewing machine

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