Saturday, December 20, 2008

Presents #2!

Christmas was a BLAST for us! Sarah is enjoying her new DS games and Barbie Diamond Castle goodies (above). She also got some perfume, clothes, a Winnie the Pooh snow globe and jewelry. One of her favorite gifts is one Kevin bought for her -- flint. Yep, the kind you use to start a fire with! She's kind of obsessed with "Survivor", "Man vs. Wild" and "Survivor Man" on tv and so she thought the flint was AWESOME! Yep, perfume and flint -- that's our girl!

Here is a gift for me that Sarah wrapped to look like a tropical drink. It's actually one of the expensive holiday boxes of Kleenex that I wanted but was too cheap to buy myself. She thought I was CRAZY for wanting it but bought it anyway.

And here she is fighting with Kevin over his gifts! She picked the nut roaster for him as he's always drooling over the roasted nuts at the mall.

She really wanted "Wish" perfume from Victoria's Secret and she was so happy when she opened it. Normally she's not allowed to shop on the Victoria's Secret side of the store but must instead stay on the high school/college themed "Pink" side of the store, but I let her venture in the middle of the store to the perfume and make-up! So now she has her "Pink" suitcase and her perfume.

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Joanne said...

Just catching up ~ oh I just love opening Christmas presents and it looks like Sarah had a ball! Love her smile ~ you guys make a wonderful family :) Have a wonderful time celebrating!!