Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ribs, Rice & Sweet Potatoes

When we met Sarah on that very first day over a year ago, she had very few things with her. One thing she did have was a Chinese cookbook. One thing she loves to make is a sweet potato and rice dish from her Chinese cookbook. It's actually a breakfast dish so usually it's a Sunday when she plans to make us breakfast. Sometimes I even wake up to a fresh pot of coffee that she's made for me before I've even rolled out of bed!

This morning, she wanted to make the sweet potato and rice dish for us as well as have me make waffles. Her cookbook is all in metric (and Chinese!) and uses weights instead of our American "cups" and "spoons" measurements. I only had a basic scale which wasn't able to handle the precise metric measurements she needs, so recently we ordered a jazzy new electronic scale that not only does metric but allows us to place a bowl or plate on first, zero the scale and then add the ingredients. This morning was it's first "trial run" and it passed with flying colors!

Sarah even wanted to make more than the recipe called for as she'd peeled extra sweet potatoes, so we used what she's learned in pre-algebra and made an algebraic equation to figure out how more we needed of other ingredients based on how much more sweet potatoes we had!

And, the sweet potatoes and rice were wonderful as always!

For lunch, we'll be having Kevin's homemade ribs! Sarah is a HUGE fan of ribs! Kevin starts the night before with preparing the meat with his own blend of herbs and spices. Then he uses his smoker to slow cook them. Usually, he makes homemade BBQ sauce too! So, if anyone is around here about lunch time, stop on by!


Sherry said...

I'd love to come by for ribs -- they are my favorite!!

Clay said...

I LOVE RIBS!!!! But we had fish last night soooo I'm happy. But those rids look awsome!!!!

Lauree said...

I have followed your blog since your referral and I remember being so sad when you stopped it for awhile. When I was deleting some of my favorites awhile back, I thought-let me click on it one more time-and what a wonderful surprise to find your family started it back up! I first saw your blog on RQ and it pulled at my heart because I want to adopt an older child and we are slowly starting the process through the foster/adopt program. Anyway, I'm so glad you re-started your blog!