Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cat Named Sue!

One of the very first things Sarah ever asked about having was a kitty cat. She really wanted a cute little girl kitty that she could put a pink collar on and call a cute little girl name. So on Monday when we went to Petsmart to pick out a kitty, we asked a store employee to show us the female kittens that had already been spayed as Sarah didn't want to have to take her to the vet and worry about her surgery. When Sarah picked one, we said to the man, "Now, this one is a girl kitty, right, and she's been spayed?" He kind of hesitated and said "I think so." So we kindly asked if he could get another employee to verify that indeed the kitty was a girl that had been spayed. Another employee said, "Yep, that's a spayed female." So, we brought her home, put on her pink collar and pink engraved name plate with her cute little girl kitty name of "Juliet."

Then on Friday I took Juliet to the doctor. Other than a little cold, she's very healthy which is great. Her paperwork said she had been spayed very recently but we did not see any type of shaving of her fur or surgery marks, so I asked the nurse about it. The nurse looked, did not see any kind of scar either and felt her stomach. "I don't feel any kind of scar of firmness that we feel after spaying," she said, "so I'll call the lady who raised her and see what's going on. My guess is that she hasn't been spayed yet." Ug. My heart sank as I didn't want Sarah to worry while Juliet was at the vet for surgery.

Then the doctor comes in. He takes one look at cute little Juliet with her pink collar and laughs. "Well, you don't see any marks from spaying because this is a MALE kitty!" Oh, my! So, we had to tell Sarah after school that her cute little girl kitty was actually a BOY! She kept saying, "I don't believe it! She's a GIRL!" We kept saying, "No, honey. HE'S a BOY."

After it all sunk in, we headed back to Petsmart with all the pink goodies we had bought and explained to them what had happened and they let Sarah pick out all new non-pink items. After the shock wore off, Sarah and "Romeo" are the best of buds! So the kitty who once was named "Juliet" is now a "Romeo."

Actually, we should have known Romeo was a boy all along .... he was happy to watch football with Kevin on Thursday night and he hogs the tv remote (see below)!!


Heather said...

That's a great story, and what a cute cat.

Congratulations also on your one year famiversary. I have been following your blog since your trip to China, and I appreciate you sharing your journey. My husband and I are planning to resume our infant adoption plans in January, but have also considered adopting an older child as well. Thanks for sharing your story!

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Ha Ha! Ah, well, Romeo is a cutie!

Lesa said...

I just had a feeling from the title.ha
He is still a cute kitty!

albrecht93 said...

Life is just so funny! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, ha! But no PINK? Even manly men wear pink these days! ;-)

Carole said...

What a great story! You'll have this one to tell many years from now as well. I'm so glad that you have Romeo and at least now Kevin has the "balance" in the household with another male. He looks like a really great cat - Mary will be thrilled.