Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dance Class & Bragging

Sarah tried her first ballet class today. When I called to sign her up the teacher told me she would need a leotard and tights for class. When we arrived today, we found out she also needed shoes. Of course, we didn't have those. Sarah said, "Mom! Didn't you know I needed shoes too!?!?" Well, I won't win "Mother of the Year" today.

Also, I need to brag about our girl and my sweet husband. Sarah brought home her half-quarter school report and is doing AWESOME! For 7th and 8th grade she is being graded on a pass/fail system. However, if each teacher thinks she is doing above and beyond what is expected in class they can assign her a letter grade. Right now, she's getting all A's and B's! We are SO PROUD of her!

Kevin also has moved up to being a full professor. He started 13 years ago as lecturer, then moved up to Assistant Prof., then to Associate Prof. and now is a Full Prof.

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Lesa said...

Congrats to Kevin!! My Mike made full Professor in Dallas a while back and it meant so much to us since he had worked so hard.

Payless has ballet shoes and tap also. GO Sara!!

Wendy loves it but loves Gymnastics even more.