Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weird Week

So, it's been a weird week here. Our van was about to hit the 36,000 mile mark (when the warranty runs out) and started being fussy, so we took it which meant sharing one car and shuttling Kevin back and forth to school which takes about 2 hours. Then the blade fell off the riding mower so it needs fixed, we have a frog living in our garage that we can't get out and Sarah was home sick on Tuesday. And tonight is cake night so I'm working on baking two cakes and making a truckload of butter cream frosting. And then there was .....

For those of you who need a little comedy for the day, feel free to laugh at me! Yesterday I spent $53 and took our hamster to the vet -- and now for the next ten days I have to give her twice a day oral antibiotics which means I have to get her out of the cage, hold her by the scruff which forces her mouth open, inject the liquid medicine and make sure she swallows it! And try not to get bit or scratched.

Okay, so it started by Sarah cleaning the cage on Sunday and noticing a small spot of blood on the underside of the hamster. I told her that since the hamster is a girl that probably she was just having her period. Then, for some unknown reason, on Tuesday night I looked on the Internet only to find out that hamsters don't menstruate. So, the blood was something else -- and there was more of it. I looked around a bit and from reading various posts it looked like the problem might be "wet tail" which does have an over-the-counter medicine but apparently it doesn't work that great. I told Sarah about what I had found and she said "Call the doctor!" I told her that vets don't work on hamsters and she said "why not?" To make her happy, I told her I'd call the vet to double check and sure enough he said "bring her in!" (Which really made me say "seriously?" I'm sure the lady thought, "why did you call then?") Long story short, after two trips into the vet, $53 and a bit of my sanity gone, the hamster has a urinary track infection but is responding quite nicely to the medicine and improving. Whew!

And I've been lax about posting for the past few days, so wanted to share a few photos from the weekend. Sarah got some new polish so she did both of our toes -- quite pink and fashionable! Then, we went bowling. And, there's always lots of playing with the kitty cat! Now that he's feeling better he's quite "all boy" and getting into lots of trouble. Sarah just says, "kittens do that!"


Sherry said...

$53 is nothing -- I have you beat by hundred and hundred more. hahaha. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious for the hamster. I would have done exactly the same thing.

Hope the weekend is much better for you.


Diana said...

My goodness...I had the same experience with my first cat when I was 13..thought that pink would fit for my kitten..but it turned out that my little kitty was a boy too!! And I have to say they look exactly identical...too funny...

Mike and Barb said...

Poor little hamster... I had to take my older daughter's gerbil to the vet a few months ago because we had to get her tail amputated *sigh* - we could have bought three new ones for that price, but that kind of reasoning just doesn't fly with the proud little owners, doesn't it :-))
Have a great week,