Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yep, It's PINK

Sarah would like for her blog to be pink -- go figure! So, here is the start of it. I'll try to get it in shape in the next few days, but at least for now it's PINK!


albrecht93 said...

Of course, it MUST be PINK!!! :) It was so fun to pull it up in the new PINK style for the first time.

Lesa said...

Love it!! Check mine out at journey to mylie camille and you will see a similarity.
I do think I may change it with the new scrap book layouts that are being done once we actually get our second baby from China.

I do love the pink!!

We are the KOPICKIs said...

Oh my goodness...Sarah is just too cute. I love this blog and of course it is pink. Is there any other color????

Go Sarah!