Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jump in the Way-Back Machine!

One wonderful thing (among the MANY wonderful things!) about Sarah is that she knows Chinese. Over the past few days she's been messing around on the computer and by using a Chinese search engine has unearthed some marvelous photos of herself!

So let's jump in the "way-back machine" and go back a bit -- back to China. Before our journey starts, on a few occasions people have asked about where Sarah is from in China, so here are two little maps that show Jiangsu Province (in orange below) and then a close-up of the province showing Nanjing (lower left) which is the city Sarah is from. Nanjing is about a one hour car ride from Shanghai (lower right).


Jiangsu Province
Nanjing City

And now ..... the photos! Several were taking during Children's Day celebrations. In China, Children's Day is June 1. NOTE: Sarah wears the same skirt (sometimes looks pink, sometimes red) below, but the photos are from different years. You can tell the difference by looking at her hair (some short with no bangs, some short with bangs, some with ponytail, etc).

Sarah (right side)

Sarah in Bejing at Tiannamen Square (right side, black stripped shirt)

Doing a magic show

Playing drums (left side)

Singing for Children's Day Celebration (Back row, right side)

Children's Day (Back row, second from right)

And the last photo -- adorable in orange! The sign says something to the effect: "Thank you for coming for Children's Day and for giving your love!"


Joanne said...

Oh, it is great you have all those photos of Sarah! This was our first year celebrating Children's Day - what a nice "holiday" for the kids :)

Lesa said...

I know you are so very happy to have these photos. I'm sure it is comforting to take a look into her past. She will be able to have these forever.

Beth said...

Wonderful! I forget that Sarah has been with you for such a short time. How great that she can use the internet as a resource to track some of her past.

The pictures are remarkable!

Dana said...

WOW! How did she find these???? That is awesome! Tell her I think she's a rock star!