Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't Take Licorice to China!

First, we were at the store a few days ago and I picked up a bag of red licorice. Sarah looked at me, looked at the bag and said "Why would you buy that! Tastes like medicine!" I told her I liked it. She said she had eaten it before in China when some Americans had brought it as treats. She said she thought it tasted horrible and so did all the other kids! The kids actually talked about the candy and had decided the candy was "broken"! So, if you are on your way to China soon, save your money and your luggage space and don't take licorice!

Okay, now some cute photos of our girl. Here is she learning to peel potatoes. She's wanting to learn to cook so she's been helping me in the kitchen. In classic Sarah style, she wasn't content just to peel the potatoes but instead had to put a cute face on them first.

Here she is with the new easel that Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Jason brought for her. She loves it! It can be used as at table-top easel or you can put the legs down for a more traditional style. It also has straps so you can fold it up like and transport it like a backpack. Sarah's exact words were "Pretty awesome!"

And here she is with her Barbies. One Barbie is in her wedding dress, but she doesn't have a boy Barbie to marry. So the girl Barbies decided just to party instead! And if you run out of chairs for your Barbie party, just use a little lamb to sit on like the Barbie in the front of the photo.

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Lesa said...

Every girl has to have her Barbie's!!

I will be sure to not take Licorice to China. It was the black kind right? Our daughter loves the Red whips!