Saturday, July 26, 2008

Watermelon Thief!

Oh, the horrors! One of Kevin and Sarah's watermelons from the garden has disappeared! Only the broken vine remains. The suspects have been narrowed down to an ever so coy and charming little deer OR the black masked bandit raccoon. Plans are in the works for 10 foot tall security fencing, flood lights and an around-the-clock security detail!

Okay, seriously, if you all knew how much Kevin and Sarah LOVE watermelon you'd realize that the above paragraph, while written in jest, is not too far from the truth. Right now, approximately half of our food budget is spent on watermelon. Sarah is the official watermelon picker and has tried on several occasions to teach me how to select just the right one.

"Okay Mom ... listen ... do you hear that this one is not good?" she'll say thumping on the rind.

"Nope," I say. "It sounds just like the one you said was good."

Then there's the head shaking and the look of disappointment on her face. "I'll pick Mom."

Whew! At least the pressure is off me for picking such an important part of our daily food intake! Now if I can only get someone to pick a kind of toilet paper. We're still in the "too soft" or "too crunchy" paper phase with each of us selecting a different brand. But, being a little shifty myself, I don't let them in on my secret that they actually get whatever I have a coupon for!

So the hunt for the missing watermelon continues. Sarah has set up her drawing easel outside just in case she spies someone wandering into her garden!

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Lesa said...

That is too funny! We love Watermelon too, and there is a sound of a ring tone when you thump the melon. Can't explain it really, but she is right.
I would love to grow our own melons!!
Good luck at finding what is eating your fruit.