Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a ROUND Chair?!?!

What's that old saying -- "When it rains, it pours"?!?!? Within the past few weeks we've been out looking for new living room chairs as our two recliners have decided to go "into retirement" -- we didn't ask them to retire, they just decided on their own to throw off their springs (chair #1) and to recline to the point that you almost tip over (chair #2).

And then a few days ago our washing machine decided it would be too lonely without the reclining chairs around so it "gave up the ghost" as well. So, we've been out shopping.

I took a few photos just for fun as Miss Sarah has decided that we need to stop being "old farts" with reclining chairs and go a bit "MOD" and get this big round revolving chair! We've actually been back to this store twice and now she's calling it "her chair" and wanting to know when it will be arriving at our house! She promises to love it and feed it and clean up after it!

Us "old farts" think maybe a nice neutral couch might be a better option, but Sarah plays the "baby bear" and sits on each couch we like and says "too hard" or "too soft", but the big round chair is always "just right!"

Now, she has toyed with the idea of the massage chair (below) with it's $996 price tag (yeah, right we're paying that much for a chair!) but keeps coming back to "her round chair" -- although she's convinced somebody bought the first round chair she sat in and during our second visit to the store that "her chair" has been replaced with an impostor. I'm pretty sure that big round revolving chairs don't just fly out the store's front door, but then again who knows!

And we just started today to shop for a washing machine but became so confused with front loaders and top loaders and steam functions -- oh, my! At this rate of indecision between the three of us it may take YEARS and we'll have flat butts from having to sit on the floor since we have no chairs and nobody will get near us with our unwashed clothes!


petrii said...

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albrecht93 said...

Now, that was a fun post to read! I think the round chair is awesome! Doesn't Sarah look so comfy in it? I can just see her sitting in it studying!

sherrie said...

I like Sarah's choice of chairs--looks like a great "cuddle" space. The question is--where do you put a chair that size?

Lesa said...

Aw come on Mom and Dad.... Gotta love that round chair!! I've not seen one like it before, but I know my 20 year old and 4 year old would agree with Sarah.

Good to see you posting again. Funny I've kept the blog address for a long time now and just couldn't give up the thought that you might someday start posting again.

Good to see that Sarah is doing so well.... Now to read up on the rest.

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