Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day -- my first Mother's Day. Sarah and Kevin treated me to one of my favorite breakfasts -- Starbucks coffee and peanut butter and jelly toast, only this was extra special because the toast had hearts on top! Sarah made me a card with pumpkins all over it (my favorite too!) and she and Kev had bought a card where you can record a message inside and they had recorded a cute Mother's Day wish for me. Sarah had wanted to buy me a color changing ring from the mall but when Kevin took her back the ring was gone so they surprised me with my one of my favorite items from Bath and Body Works. It was perfect!


Joanne said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day!!! Sounds like a wonderful day :)

stevepatg said...

Hello! I accidentally came across your blog tonight and had to write! We just adopted a 13 year old girl from Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Chao Yan ("Chow Yen"-almost like your daughter's name!) came home on April 12th, and she is our 5th child! My husband traveled to get her and also stayed in Nanjing.

We have two blogs-- 1
is where we are posting updates.

I am a teacher and also made one for classroom use-

Your daughter sounds wonderful! Chao Yan is opening up a bit more every day, and it's exciting to see her progress! I have to admit it was a challenging beginning, but now we are enjoying such a sweet, happy girl. Chao Yan is in 6th grade (we bumped her back a grade from China to let her adjust-for her it's been a good decision).

It's nice to meet another family with an "older" older child!

Pat in NY
DH Steve
Chao Yan (13), David (13), Justin
(12), Anna (9), Leah (8)