Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Little Angel is Kicking Butt!

Last night was Sarah's first solo attempt at sparring in taekwondo! Yep, that's her with all the protective gear on. Her gear includes what you see above plus shin pads which are under her pants.

Her first match was against a girl who is a bit younger than her, but who also is a first stage BLACK BELT! The other girl has been sparring for at least 10 months so far so Sarah did an awesome job with getting right in there and holding her own.

With sparring, you are allowed to kick or hit anywhere above the belt (including the head) but you can't kick or hit the person in the back. Sarah is still learning the various kicks, blocks and punches, but she got in a few good whollops last night!

At the end of the night the teacher had all the girls together go against all the boys together -- and of the 9 people in Sarah's class, 6 of them are first degree black belts. She was a little hesitant at first, but then she got in there and landed a few kicks!

As hard as it is for a mother and father to say, -- Our Little Angel is Kicking Butt!!!

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Nevada Clan said...

Sarah, You look adorable! Congrats on kicking butt! You have a real style. I've been dressing my new daughter and I can only hope when she gets older she has your style!