Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Revin' Up the Blog Again - Ye, Haw!

Hi Everyone~

Well, it's been a long time since anything new has been added to this blog because we wanted to give Sarah some time for her transition to her new life as part of our family as well as to life in the US, life at a new school, etc. She is doing AWESOME with everything! (More of that in future posts!)

Recently we asked her if she would like for us to continue the blog or not and she said she would like to share some of her story with others. While there are many, many parts of her life as well as our life that will remain "just for us", we hope to be able to share a small sliver with friends we've met along the way.

Quite honestly, we're not sure how many people read this blog, especially concerning people in the adoption community who are considering older child adoption or those who have already adopted older children. When we started our journey to adopt Sarah, we had so many people who had questions about older child adoption or who simply wanted to share in our joy. At the beginning, we had no idea what to expect (and still don't on a 'day to day' basis!) and weren't able to offer any suggestions to others who were looking to adopt. While we've only been home 8 months, we have a few things "under our belt" now and a daughter who has learned so much English and is able to offer suggestions as well. So, if anyone would like me (Debbi) to concentrate on anything in particular in upcoming posts, just leave me a note in the comments or email me. We absolutely are NOT any kind of expert by any means, but just a little family of 3 who are on the most amazing journey together!

Now, what most of you want to see ... a few photos of Sarah! AKA - the girl in pink!


Mom of 5 said...

We love your blog and have decided to go the "older child" route. Granted not as old as Sarah....We loved seeing your update !

Basket full o' Plums said...

Hello!! I'm glad you posted an update. I read all about your trip and bringing Sarah home. (Hi Sarah!!). Since you posted the last time, we brought home our daughter who is 3 which is considered "older" by some people. It has been fantastic and our transitions have been easier than I could have even imagined. Sarah, you look fantastic and happy! Feel free to peek in on our blog, too!!

LaLa said...

Welcome back...she is so beautiful!!!

Joanne said...

Ooooo, so glad you are posting again! Sarah looks incredible in these photos!!!

Shandra said...

Sweet Sarah is beautiful! I think of you all often and Lilly still asked abotu Sarah. I do hope that we can hook up this summer. looks like we will be there June 23-27!

Nevada Clan said...

Welcome back!

I was in China at the same time you were in China. In fact I saw Sarah on the elevator at the WS. What's funny is I sat there thinking 'How do I know that girl...why does she look so familiar?'. Only later did I realize it was Sarah from the blog I was following!

We've been home since 9/21/07 (we adopted from Guangdong so we were at the WS a long time) and it has been pretty good too.

Who knows what our future will bring? As much as we love the baby adoption it probably wouldn't be that reading about Sarah...I dunno. Maybe one day we could adopt an older child.

Lesa said...

Finally found the beginning of the come back! I am so thrilled that you have decided to come back. I followed along your first part of your journey and am happy I will be able to keep up with you once again.

Sarah is a knock out!!!!!!!!


M & M said...

So glad I came across your blog again and that you started posting updates again. Just love Sarah; she is a beautiful girl.