Sunday, May 18, 2008

What? Trout Don't Come in PINK!?!??!?!

Pink fishing pole? CHECK

Pink tackle box? CHECK

Pink bait? CHECK

Pink hooks? CHECK

Pink chair? CHECK

Pink hat? CHECK

Pink shirt? CHECK

Pink trout? Nope ....WHAT??!?!?!? No pink trout!!!?!?!?

We had a GREAT day today! Sarah has been wanting to go fishing for a long time -- so long in fact that for Christmas Grandma Rose and Grandpa Rick bought her the pink pole, pink box, pink bait/hooks and pink chair. We loaded up the van and headed down to Roaring River State Park for the day. We had wanted to go yesterday but it was "Kid's Day" which offered free fishing, free food, games and more and after hearing how many kids showed up we are glad we waited the extra day.

On her second cast, Sarah caught what would wind-up being the ONLY fish caught for the day. Even without catching more fish, she was so happy that she fished for about 2-1/2 hours!

At one point, a water snake swam across the stream right towards us and I called out to her to quickly come up from the water. I thought "this will be it -- we'll be packing up to go" but as soon as the snake swam away she was right back down at the water and casting away.

Anther thing about Miss Sarah is that she loves animals and animals love her! For about an hour, she had butterflies that literally sat by her feet. It started with two landing by her and gradually more came so at one point there were six butterflies enjoying the day with her. Even when she would move to cast her pole they would sit right there! It was the most amazing thing!

The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed a great family day together!!

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albrecht93 said...

Jason and I decided you would probably have to go deep sea fishing to get the pink fish! :)