Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homecoming Parade

It's Homecoming weekend in Carl Junction. I'm happy to report that last night the football team routed East Newton with a final score of 52 to 7. Friday afternoon Sarah was part of the school's Homecoming Parade and she rode on the Drama Club float (above) with about 15 other students (who you can't see because my camera work was sub par).

And for those who wonder, yes we do live in a very small town. The photo above shows you one side of "Main Street" in Carl Junction. The side you cannot see has our bank, post office and funeral home. We still do not have a stop light anywhere in town.

As with many small towns, we take our school pride very seriously. The parade wound through town with everyone from the very young to the very old lining the streets. The high school football team rode on the town's fire trucks (old and new), the junior high and high school bands played, the various clubs, organizations and other sports were represented and even the "little guys" such as the first grade football team had their moment to shine.

The weather has started to turn crisp and soon we'll be heading out to find the perfect pumpkin. Hard to believe fall is really here.

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Lesa said...

I love hometown parades!