Thursday, September 24, 2009

National Beef Cook-Off 2009

What a great time we all had in Sonoma!!!! Sarah was a PRO cook and every part of her recipe preparation turned out AWESOME!!!! She worked so well under pressure -- even when the cameras were all around .....

Even with the heat reaching 100 degrees, she kept her cool! She was grilling outside and preparing her recipe "Beef 'California Roll' Salad".

When it came time for the big gala dinner and awards show, she was so cute in her sparkly purple cocktail dress! We had a delightful dinner of the best steak I believe I've ever tasted. Then came the awards. Unfortunately, Sarah did not receive one of the monetary awards, but the memories she has and the love of cooking are more precious than anything in the bank! She's already come up with new ideas for the next contest!

Here are all 15 contestants at the 2009 National Beef Cooking Contest held in Sonoma, CA on September 23. Information about the contest can be found at .


Kopicki Photography said...

It must be so wonderful to be her mom and dad. Talented, smart and beautiful....thanks for sharing her via blogworld with us.


Tori said...

She's a BIG WINNER in our book! Congratulations, Sarah!!!

Joanne said...

Yup, I agree she's "won" so much with the wonderful opportunity! What a great experience and her dish sounds just YUMMY!!!

Lesa said...

She must have had the time of her life! She had so much more confidence in herself than I ever would have at that age.

She is a WINNER any way. Keep up the good work Sarah!!!