Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kevin's Arkansas Fishing Trip

Kevin is on his way home from a fishing trip with his Dad. Rick drove down from Iowa and they met up in Branson. They'd hired a fishing guide but the guide contacted them to say we've had too much rain lately for good fishing in the area. Instead, he wanted to know if they'd care to go down to Arkansas to fish. Kevin has wanted to try fishing in Arkansas but hadn't gotten down there yet, so this worked out perfectly. Except, it's COLD outside!

But, they did have some luck and while they didn't catch many, they caught big sized fish. Actually I think they are probably the biggest they've landed so far. I just love how happy he looks in the photo above.

Now, if we can just get him home to thaw him out. And, no, we won't be having fish for dinner as they practice the "catch and release" method so the fish can go on to live another day.

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