Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off to Sonoma!

The bags are packed and the mini powdered sugar donuts are ready for the morning. Yep, that means we are heading off to Sonoma! We've packed the laptop, movie camera and digital camera. We'll be posting updates along the way.

Sarah prepares her marinade and beef on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning is the actual cook-off where she'll grill the beef and prepare her other items. The awards ceremony is Wednesday night and we probably won't know the outcome until 9 pm Pacific time, but we'll be sure to post. I know most of our Midwestern family and friends will be asleep then. But should Sarah win a cash prize, no matter where you are on the globe I'm sure you'll hear her screaming with joy!

Thanks so much for all the good wishes you've sent to Sarah! It means SO MUCH!!!!


Sherry said...

Good luck Sarah!!!!

Basket full o' Plums said...

Gooooooo Sarah!!!! I hope everything goes well and your hard practice pays off for you!!

Tori said...

Good Luck, Sarah! We'll be thinking of you and checking often for updates! Have fun!

Tori and XiaoXiao