Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Weeks Until Sonoma!

Whew! Two weeks until we're in Sonoma!! Watch out National Beef Cooking Contest! Sarah did her recipe as a timed practice run yesterday and was very pleased with the results. The contest folks have her preparing the marinade and marinading the beef the night before the contest (20 minute time limit for this portion) and then she has 50 minutes on the actual cook-off day to prepare the vegetable components, grill the beef, assemble the final dish and have it to the judges.

We ran to the store today to pick up several cucumbers so she can practice using the mandolin slicer. Previously she was hand slicing the cucumbers but she's worried she may not be cutting them even enough so we're trying a mandolin slicer which takes a bit of practice. So if anyone is in the mood for a bag filled with sliced fresh cucumbers, you know where to find us!

On Saturday, we spent several hours bouncing around the mall. Sarah tried on more dresses than I care to think about and finally settled on a really pretty black and purple one that she'll wear to the awards dinner after the cook-off. It has sparkly "bling" and therefore it's right up her alley! And, being Sarah, she picked out matching earrings, a bracelet and over sized floral cocktail ring which is just adorable on her.

As the time gets closer she's getting more and more excited ... and nervous ... but I think the excited will win out in the end.


Jonathan and Michelle said...

I am soooo excited for Sarah!! She's gonna rock!

Joanne said...

I'm excited for her too! I hope you will blog from the cook off, I can't wait to hear all about it. What a wonderful experience for her ~ no matter what happens :) Good luck though!

Lesa said...

This is so very exciting! I just can't wait to hear the stories of her event.
She will do so wonderful!!

Lauree said...

Good luck Sarah!!! How exciting for you all and especially Sarah!

Kopicki Photography said...

Go Sarah Go!!! We are cheering for you in Pennsylvania.