Friday, March 13, 2009

Who Doesn't Like Pie?!?!?!?

Okay, so in the post below I talk a bit about how the language barrier can, at times, be frustrating. To be quite frank, most of the time when we have language issues I put them off as Sarah not quite getting the language yet. Sometimes I need to stop and realize I AM THE PROBLEM!!! Well, was I put in my place -- and rightly so!

On Monday Sarah came home from school saying her art class was going to have treats on Friday and her pre-algebra teacher had said they'd be celebrating "pie day" on Friday too.

So she's telling me what kind of treats she'd like to bring for art -- maybe bags of chips or Little Debbie's brownies. Then she says that for pre-algebra the teacher said the kids can bring something like the big decorated cookie you buy at the mall OR a pizza pan OR a lid from a butter dish. HUH!?!?!? What does a pizza pan or a butter lid have to do with "treats" or "pie day"? So, I'm asking her again and she's looking at me like I'm from another planet. She explains it again the same way. So, of course I'm KNOWING she's not understanding what the teacher wants so I say, "How about I email the pre-algebra teacher?" She rolls her eyes.

Apparently, March 14th is "National PI Day" -- you know, "PI" which sounds like "pie" and is the mathematical symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The teacher told the kids they needed to bring something round to measure so they could use "PI". If they want to, they can bring a round FOOD as long as they have enough to share with the class. Don't I feel stupid! So I told Sarah she was exactly right with what she had told me and I was sorry I hadn't listened better. She rolled her eyes again -- and this time I deserved it!

Today Sarah packed up her "round" treats for each kid in pre-algebra plus her snacks for art class. I may just have to make my own kind of "pie" -- you know, the kind you can eat!

So "Happy National PI Day" even though the official celebration day isn't until tomorrow (March 14)!!!!


Lesa said...

Oh that is hilarious! Well, did you send a pie anyway. I guess they could have divided that for everyone. ha

sherrie said...

The day was all over the news yesterday. One congressman thought he was voting on PIE day--he said he was not big on math. Glad you finally got it right.

Jamie and Eric said...

Everyone should have pie on pi day!
It's 3/14 (like 3.14).

Tori said...

Ha! My sister just told me about Pi Day, but said if you're a non-mathie (we are), it's definitely spelled "Pie Day" and calls for pie.

Hey, like you said, it's round.