Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowy Weekend

So, what do we do on weekends?!?!? Basically we're lazy. Let's let Romeo show you! Here he is relaxing on his kitty throne with Sarah's Hello Kitty pj top to keep his little kitty butt warm. Hey, there's snow on the ground and a guy has to have his priorities!

Okay, so we did do a few things this weekend. I had a recipe contest I was working on that required grilling so I stood out in the freezing cold and snow. After creating, freezing and cooking, the recipe was a total "goose egg"! Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Sarah and I did whip up a dessert on Saturday. Here she is learning to make meringue.

Last night we had a rousing game of pink Monopoly. Today we are getting some photos and small goodies ready to mail to China. Then it's on to a bit of "girl shopping" and then home to work on Sarah's art project. Her project is to design a church. The class is working on architecture and each student pulled a piece of paper out of a hat to see what building they would be designing. Sarah pulled out the only slip of paper that read "church" while many kids are doing houses, restaurants, etc.

Many people have asked what Sarah thinks of her age regression photos. She LOVES the 3 year old version and is "okay" with the other two. I think she really would like for us to go back and do a 1 year and 2 year version as well. That's for a future project!


Lesa said...

Life is good for Romeo! That is what I would love to do.
I wonder what kind of Church she will come up with...hum

Lesa said...

By the way go over and take a peek at my blog...) I've given your blog an award. You will need to scroll down some to get to it.