Friday, March 6, 2009

Doodle Dice & Driving!

(Playing Doodle Dice -- and down to the hardest purple cards!)

First off, I keep forgetting to post about a game called "Doodle Dice." This game is pretty neat and doesn't require one speck of English to play so it's GREAT for the older kids just coming home from China or to take to play during time in China. You can check it out on and it's only $7.99. (While you are there feel free to buy me a Kindle 2 and drop it off at my front door! THANKS!)

ALSO ...... ahem ....... there's only one more week of school and then Spring Break. We've told Sarah that we'll start teaching her to drive during Spring Break. Did I mention that's only one week away!!! Oh .... my ...... goodness! Our little girl will be driving soon!


Happy at Home said...

No way NOT driving!!!!!! The time has gone by toooooo fast....I'm sure it feels like "warp speed Scotty" to you (I'm a BIG trekkie, forgive me for the reference.) So, the big question is??????Who is teaching her, you or Kevin????
Have I mentioned lately.... I wish we lived closer.

Lesa said...

Not driving already! You poor things. ha