Sunday, June 1, 2008

Strawberry SURPRISE!

While we were at Home Depot buying tomato plants Sarah spied a strawberry plant and asked if she could bring it home and plant it. She had such fun planting it and every morning she would go out to check on it.

The next time we went to the garden center she wanted another strawberry plant so her plant "would have a friend." Then, one day we were at Walmart and they had their strawberry plants for $1 each so we picked up three more. She's had a great time tending to her plants and watching them grow.

One plant finally had one BIG juicy red strawberry that was just about ready to be picked, but Sarah thought she'd wait one more day. The next day, she comes running in the house to tell us that SOMEBODY has eaten half her strawberry!

As we'd had a nest of baby bunnies right by the strawberry plants, we told her that a little bunny probably was hungry and really enjoyed eating the big red strawberry. She's seemed content with that knowledge until the next day when she went out in the morning and found this .......

a big turtle tucked under that very same plant polishing off the last of the big red strawberry! Now, Sarah is quite a prankster so when she came in telling us that a big turtle was eating her strawberry we looked at her and went "yeah, right!" "No," she said, "I'm not lying! It's a BIG turtle!" And, wouldn't you know it, it was!
We have no idea where this turtle lives or how it came to find our house. And the little guy hasn't shown his face again since eating the strawberry. But a new strawberry is just starting to turn red, so we hope he'll stop by again to say "Hi" and have a nice juicy snack! Actually, I think Sarah will be very disappointed if the turtle doesn't return as she really loves animals. She already has decided that next year we should put in more plants for the bunnies and turtles to eat!

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