Monday, June 23, 2008

Mini China Family Reunion

Hi all! I know, two posts in one day -- what's the world coming to?!??!?! Please be sure to see Sarah's big taekwondo day in the post below.

I just had to say a HUGE thanks to Shandra, William, Lilly, Lulu and Xia for stopping by yesterday! This awesome family was in our travel group on our journey to China and we were able to get together yesterday for a few hours as they were making their way through our state on a vacation. It was so great to see them and we couldn't believe how the kids had changed in such a short time. Such cuties!

Now, here's the part where you all get to send me a big cyber slap across the forehead as I was so excited to see everyone and just enjoying watching the kids and talking with the adults that I didn't take one photo! Can you believe it!??! I can't believe it. Sometimes I'm such a big dummy! And this is even after Shandra got her camera out and we were talking about different kinds of cameras! So I know Shandra has photos and when she gets home I'll see if I can beg one!

Okay, in my defense -- I'm claiming that the "forget drug" they gave me after my colonoscopy and EDG on Friday was still working -- and I forgot to get my camera out! Okay, I know that's lame but it's the best I got! And really don't feel the need to tell me how stupid I am as I already know!

Here's a photo from China of Sarah with Lulu (on left) and Xia (on right) -- believe me, they each look so different now!

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Lesa said...

We know Shandra and her family from our agency and we had lived in the same area as they do. The girls have grown and have changed since then....including Miss Sarah. How nice that they were able to swing by and visit you guys!