Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Derby Time?

We went to see "Kung Fu Panda" today at the movies. Sarah seemed to enjoy it although it may be a toss up as to whether the movie or the popcorn was more fun!

Afterwards we stopped by Target and Sarah spied a hat with a pink ribbon. As soon as she picked it up she said, "I want to use my money to buy this!" Now, she probably has 4 different hats already so I kind of looked at her and said "why this hat?"

"It goes with my dress!" That really didn't help me much as she had oodles of dresses!

But after we were home a bit she came bouncing down the hallway all dressed up. My first thought was, "It looks like she is ready for the Kentucky Derby!" Isn't she cute!!!! It's amazing how much fun she can have with a $2.50 hat!

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Lesa said...

Love the first photo! She is something else.