Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rock On Strawberry Girl!

Sarah finally got a strawberry from the garden before the turtle ate it! Kevin has been watching one that was just about ripe and told me last night that there are two little bites taken out of it! Somewhere a little turtle is laughing his shell off!

Have you ever wondered what happens at our house on Saturday nights?!?!?? Well, you just never know! Actually, usually we watch a movie or two. If Sarah is picking, the movie will either have a dog or a princess in it -- a super cool movie will have BOTH! And you get extra points if the dog can talk!

Lately we've been watching "Project Runway" as well as Sarah wants to be a fashion designer. She's also getting into the "Smallville" series and is currently on Season 2.

Now, sometimes weekend fun also includes kicking mom or dad's butt at video games! She can whip me good at ANY of the Wii games! And on the XBox 360 she likes to play Rock Band and usually it's just Kevin and Sarah on the guitars but sometimes they get me to play drums (and once or twice I've even handled the singing part of the game -- but dogs for miles around went crazy!). Here is the "Dad and Daughter" Band rockin' out!


M Morris said...

You all make me so happy!!! I miss seeing you! I wish we lived closer!

I loved the pics of your NYC trip! How fun!


Nevada Clan said...

Rock on Sarah Rock on!