Monday, April 27, 2009

Plastic Wrap -- Year 6!

It's been a crazy few weeks and I've been horrible about not posting -- sorry! My mom was here for two weeks visiting from Iowa. We were busily pulling out boxes and getting ready for our small town's city-wide garage sale. We had a great sale and got rid of so much clutter -- it's an awesome feeling!

I even sold a few things right out from under my mom! She was staying in the guest room downstairs which usually is storage and I kept going in and bringing stuff out to sell. I think she was worried she'd come down one night and the bed would be gone! Or her suitcase. Or maybe her toothpaste. If it wasn't nailed down it was fair game for the sale.

Speaking of my mom, one day we were chatting on the phone and somehow I commented that I always seemed to be out of plastic wrap. I cook a lot and seem to constantly be buying plastic wrap, parchment paper and foil. Mom said,"Go to Sam's Club and pick up the big green box of plastic wrap. It doesn't cost much more than the small boxes and it will last much longer."

Well, she was right .... really right. That was at least 6 years ago (yes, 6 YEARS ago!) and I'm still using that first industrial sized box of plastic wrap! We toted the darn thing from the little house when we moved to this house 4 years ago and even today it still has football fields worth of wrap left. The box will probably bio-degrade before the wrap is gone.

Over the years the huge box of plastic wrap has become a source of repeated jokes from Kevin's family who come to visit at Thanksgiving. Even our niece who was only 8 when the box first came to live with us will walk into our house at the holidays and ask if we still have the big box of wrap left. Teenagers!

So, as we're getting ready for our yard sale I pulled out some sheet sets I wanted to sell. (No, not the ones on Mom's bed -- I let her keep those!) I'm looking for some masking tape to wrap around the sets to keep them together and here comes my mom with the huge box of plastic wrap. "There are SO many uses for this stuff she tells me!" Yeah, right.


Lesa said...

Amazing how often you run out of the small boxes of that stuff, but when you buy a huge one it lasts forever! Ha

Doug and Terrye said...

You are so funny!!! :) You gave me a good giggle to start my Sunday!
BTW, where in the world do you store that great big box?

Terrye in FL