Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We colored eggs last night which was a first for Sarah. Even though Sarah was here last year we had just returned from a long trip the day before Easter so coloring eggs was something that was lost in the shuffle. After we colored eggs last night Sarah said "Why didn't you tell me about this? It's FUN!"

And, yes, Romeo the Cat was involved with "family egg coloring night." He sat patiently on the "junk table" right next to the counter and guarded the paper towels!

Also, here's Sarah's art project which I think ties in very nicely with Easter. A month or so ago her art class started a "city project." Each student drew a slip of paper from a hat and whatever city building was listed on the paper was his/her art project. Some choices were school, shopping mall, dentist, police, etc. Sarah's paper read "church." Each student was to design his/her building, name the building, write about what the building does and also to draw who would be in charge of this building. Then, they created the building and the person. When they were done, all the building were put together into a city-scape which was put on display in the school library.

Sarah's church is named "St. James" and the person in charge is named "Pastor Linda." These names are very important to Sarah as "James" is her grandpa (she calls him "Papa") and "Linda" is her grandma (she calls her "Mimi"). When Sarah was thinking about her church she decided she would like a church which is very modern, full of love and where a woman is in charge. She wants lots of music and nature in her church.

So she designed her church accordingly. The top comes off so you can look inside. One window is actually cut out so you can look through it (the one with the curtain on the back wall). Inside there is a live tree which has a banner that reads "Love". In the third photo you'll see the tree and on the opposite wall there is a fake window. In photo four you'll see that from the the outside if you "look through the window" you see the "love tree" inside. Below the window she has a large cross with Jesus. Also, a large white bird. And the pews are actually "formed" so they are shaped liked pews and not flat drawings.

Outside she has Pastor Linda and lots of beautiful vines and flowers (which I didn't capture in the photos). Pastor Linda has a shorter modern dress on and heels.

And, note the ample parking!

Hope you all have a happy and blessed Easter.

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Mia's MaMa said...

Love the church! I was thinking of you guys last night when watching extreme makeover home edition. I love love love hearing what older adopted children have to say about their parents. Melts my heart!