Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's This White Stuff!?!?!?

School was cancelled today due to ice. The school's automated phone message system rang the house before dinner last night to let us know and Sarah was JUMPING up and down excited! Then as the night went on and more ice came Kevin decided to cancel his classes as well.

We went to bed and figured the roads would get cleaned off today and it would be back to normal by Wednesday. We are so silly!

Sarah and I worked on a "double-secret" project today and then were so tired we took a "cat nap" (with the cat!). When we woke up, our world had gone WHITE! It's snowing like crazy here with no end in sight!

This is Missouri -- we don't do snow!!!!


sherrie said...

Just a little taste of hometown Iowa. Now Sarah can build a real snowman!

Lesa said...

We would love it so much if it snowed that much here. We had been told the Panhandle got tons of snow. Maybe years ago, but with the global warming we haven't see that much.
We did get a small taste of it yesterday though.

Stay warm, and drink lots of Hot Chocolate.

Lauree said...

oohhh, I think I'm jealous! East Texas sees snow once every decade I think!